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Welcome to CSI

Conflict Solutions International (CSI) is an independent, volunteer-driven non-governmental organization that seeks to end violent conflict through education, mediation and negotiation.

Get Involved

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our organization. If you are interested in volunteering or just learning more about us, come to one of our monthly Meetups. Our members range from professionals with decades of experience to people just learning about international relations.
Volunteering with CSI is easy; we ask that our volunteers donate several hours of their time each week. Please click here to read more about how to get involved.
CSI hosts Meetups in Brussels, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London and Geneva.

CSI MeetupsWashington DC Meetup London Meetup Geneva Meetup Brussels Meetup Los Angeles Meetup

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CSI Reporting

Come check out Conflict Solutions International's newest feature: CSI Reporting. Reporting provides context and up-to-date research on current conflicts around the world.


CSI Outlook

In the March 2011 issue of CSI Outlook Executive Committee Member Kristin Kooiman takes a look at International Intervention in Libya. CSI Outlook is a quarterly column that takes a thought provoking look at current events in international conflict and international affairs.


As a service to the DC community, CSI distributes a weekly calendar of events around the capital region that discuss conflict solutions and international relations. To subscribe, please email You can also see our calendar here

Check out CSI Productions for recordings of our public events. We host thought provoking panels of acclaimed subject experts intended to initiate discussion and broaden our audience's awareness. Our events have covered topics such as the conflict in Somalia, the Burmese government in exile, and the Nagalim in India ...more


Our Team

Key to an organization’s effectiveness is the quality and integration of its people.  CSI’s officers, directors, advisers, field representatives and mission personnel bring the organization a unique blend of cultures and professions. They create a team that combines professionalism with substantial field experience. The flexibility of the organization and its independence from governments allow it to operate effectively and lend it credibility. Its location in Washington, D.C. offers the advantage of access not only to officials from almost every nation, but also to representatives of various movements and causes. CSI’s team, however, is more than the sum of its people and the optimal organizational structure. Our main strength lies in the bond of a shared vision and the courage to dream. ...more